Human Trafficking & Foreign Policy?

30 Mar

I am to write a 2 page proposal for class and I needed someone to get with me about my topic, give me some advice. . . Anyhow, could humantrafficking have anything to do with foreign policy (that the U.S. deals with). . . Possibly immigration status or track how the nations there people? Could I possibly relate it with the social media perhaps how people couldbe controlled? Let me know. . .

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  1. Maya R March 30, 2012 at 3:43 am #

    U.S. foreign policy does not deal with human trafficking as such. It is more of an immigration issue. The trouble with human trafficking is that most governments are not really aware of the extent of the problem, and do not have departments to deal with it specifically. There are many very big syndicates that Provide labor (skilled and unskilled) to companies globally. Most are quite legal and above board, but there are some that operate alongside the legal syndicates to supply trafficked people (mostly young prostitutes) to many countries. There are many different NGOs dealing with this problem but what is needed is some UN initiative that all countries can agree with, and Which forces them into action. It is a multi-billion dollar business, Which is why so few of the “big” bosses are ever caught or brought to justice. One might be able to set up some kind of online registry to help those affected, except that many of them Thurs not know how to get online and are terrified by Sun to do those that run the business. It is really quite a nasty thing to know that underage children are available in for sex in places like Cambodia, and not much (with the exception of a few brave NGO’s) is done to save these trafficked kids, from the men that fly in from all over the world to abuse them. Go to the link below for an insight.

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